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Rachel Trafford ABTC
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Rachel Trafford is the MD and founder of Restart Dogs, as well as the behaviourist in charge of the project. She has worked with animals for 30 years, and in the last ten years her focus has been working with dogs. Having worked with various animal charities, she assesses and monitors the rehabilitation of many traumatised dogs that come into the care of the rescue.​ This gives her a wealth of knowledge and experience, addressing the many varied and diverse behavioural problems that may arise.​ Rachel continues to complete educational courses and attend seminars, to ensure her knowledge is kept up to date, investing heavily in her professional development.​ As a fully Certified member of the International Association of Animal Behavioral Consultants, Rachel is required to demonstrate competency in six core areas including assessment and intervention strategies, consulting skills, knowledge of animal behaviour, and species-specific knowledge. Continuing professional development is essential to keep up to date with current scientific theories and development, as such Rachel attends many training courses with international top trainers.

Jane Wrench

Jane has been with Restart from it's beginning at HMYOI Werrington. She started volunteering with local dog rescues in 2008, and realised that a lot of dogs were surrendered due to behavioural issues. Wanting to understand this more, she began training classes and behavioural 1-2-1's under the mentorship of Rachel Trafford. Jane is now an IAABC-ADT, ILLIS Advanced Animal Trainer and has since undertaken numerous other courses to further develop her knowledge. She shares her home with her two Staffie X's.

Trish Godfrey

Trish is a member of the Kennel Club Accreditated Instructor’s Scheme and was a finalist in the Kennel Club Instructor of the year awards in 2016.


She has been chairperson of Just For Dogs rescue and rehoming centre for the last 18 years and has adopted/fostered many difficult and challenging dogs who have been transformed with positive reward based training methods, love, patience and understanding of the individual dogs needs.


She is a pets as therapy volunteer with her German Shepherd Dolly and makes regular visits to Hospitals, Schools and Care Homes giving some canine TLC to poorly patients.

We're thrilled to have her on board at Restart Dogs.


Corinne Wrend
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Corinne is a well known, experienced dog handler having competed in competitive obedience, working trials and her current sport IGP where she has qualified for the world championships on multiple occasions. Corinne has helped to pave the way for positive training in the sport of IPO by achieving IPO 3 with multiple dogs. Corinne brings an exciting dynamic to Restart Dogs programmes, with her creative approach to problem solving and her wealth of experience in her field. We feel very honoured to have her as part of the Restart Dogs team.

Megan O'Connell

Megan has recently started with Restart Dogs and is quickly becoming an integral part of the team. Megan has worked with dogs since the age of 20 years old. Outside of assisting on the Restart Dogs programme, she runs her own training business and works with various rescue charities across the the UK. She has two dogs of her own, Mabel her working Labrador and Roma her rescue collie X. 

Angela Keane

Angela brings a wealth of experience to the Restart Dogs programmes. As a well established and qualified teaching professional in the Psychology, Health and Social Care field, Angela helps the students on the programmes to achieve their academic goals. Angela's experience doesn't end there though, because her many years of involvement with dog rescue (including fostering possibly hundreds of dogs) means that her knowledge of dog welfare and behaviour is vast. Angela is a personable, dynamic, down to earth, and much valued member of the Restart Dogs team. 

Sarah Turner 

Sarah has been a part time part of the team since Restart Dogs' inception, helping with the business development side of the organisation. Sarah's feels very passionate about the difference the programmes make to the learners' personal rehabilitation, since soft skills development and assessment is the forte in her business - TTI Success Insights UK, where she is the Managing Director. Sarah is a Trustee of a dog rescue Charity and has fostered 100's of dogs, as well as owning 5 dogs herself. Dog training and behaviour is one of her keen interests, as well as development of both animals and people.

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