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Rachel Trafford ABTC

Rachel Trafford is the MD and founder of Restart Dogs, as well as the behaviourist in charge of the project. She has worked with animals for 30 years, and in the last ten years her focus has been working with dogs. Having worked with various animal charities, she assesses and monitors the rehabilitation of many traumatised dogs that come into the care of the rescue.​ This gives her a wealth of knowledge and experience, addressing the many varied and diverse behavioural problems that may arise.​ Rachel continues to complete educational courses and attend seminars, to ensure her knowledge is kept up to date, investing heavily in her professional development.​ 


As a fully Certified member of the International Association of Animal Behavioural Consultants, Rachel is required to demonstrate competency in six core areas including assessment and intervention strategies, consulting skills, knowledge of animal behaviour, and species-specific knowledge. Continuing professional development is essential to keep up to date with current scientific theories and development, as such Rachel attends many training courses with international top trainers.

Jane Wrench
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Jane has been with Restart from it's beginning and has been a dog lover for as long as she can remember. Her journey began volunteering with local dog rescues in 2008 and realised that a lot of dogs were surrendered due to behavioural issues. It quickly became obvious that many of the dogs in rescue weren’t there because they were “bad” but because they just needed some help with training.

Wanting to understand this more, Jane began training classes and behavioural 1-2-1’s under the mentorship of Rachel Trafford. Jane is now an IAABC-ADT, ILLIS Advanced Animal Trainer and has since undertaken numerous other courses to further develop her knowledge. Jane believes that training should be a joint effort, making it as enjoyable as possible for you and your dog.

Trish Godfrey
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Trish Godfrey has dedicated the past decade to providing group classes and personalised 1-2-1 training services within the community. Her expertise lies in the field of mantrailing where she offers courses and workshops that equip pet owners and professionals with the necessary knowledge and skills to embark on this discipline.

Trish has achieved recognition as a member of the Kennel Club Accredited Instructor's Scheme and has achieved finalist status in the prestigious Kennel Club Instructor of the Year Awards.

Trish is passionate about dog rescue and has been the chairperson of a rehoming centre for nearly 20 years, providing many hundreds of dogs with a second chance at life.

Trish's experience, knowledge and commitment to animal welfare make her an invaluable asset to the community, the Restart team and the countless dogs whose lives she has positively impacted.

Corinne Wrend

Corinne is an exceptional and highly acclaimed dog handler, renowned for her training expertise. With an extensive background in competitive obedience and working trials, she showcases her abilities in her current sport, IGP, where she has achieved remarkable success, earning multiple qualifications for the world championships.

Corinne's accomplishments in IGP have played a pivotal role in advancing positive training methods within the sport. Having achieved IGP 3 with multiple dogs, she has become a trailblazer in promoting the use of positive reinforcement techniques in IGP.


Previously Corinne has worked for Canine Partners as an aftercare assistant. Also Corine has contributed to the television and film industry.

Corinne's innovate, problem approach, combined with her extensive experience makes her an invaluable asset to Restart Dog's team. We are deeply privileged to have Corinne as a member of the Restart Dogs team.

Megan O'Connell

Megan  became a dog trainer when she was finding life difficult with her Romanian Rescue and couldn’t find the appropriate help she needed. Years on, Megan now helps other owners with their pets to live a full and rewarding lives. Megan specialising in working with rescues, in particular Romanian rescues.

Previously, Megan has spent her time helping to train assistance dogs. Alongside this Megan teaches group and 1-2-1 classes across Staffordshire and Cheshire. Megan has experience of teaching Puppy Classes, Beginner Classes, Scent Work, Hoopers and Agility and various workshops. Megan has also worked with various rescue charities across the UK.

Angela Keane

Angela is a highly experienced teaching professional who has made significant contributions to the education department of Restart Dogs. Currently completing an MSc in Criminology and Criminal Justice, Angela's research focuses on how innovative, inclusive approaches to education can benefit people in prison.

Since joining the team at Restart Dogs, Angela has been instrumental in driving the progress of the education department. As a result of her efforts, individuals participating on the Restart Dogs program obtain fully recognised qualifications, marking a significant milestone in their personal and professional development as knowledgeable and highly skilled dog trainers.

Angela's expertise extends beyond her educational experience. Her involvement in dog rescue, including the fostering of hundreds of dogs, has given her with a wealth of understanding of dog welfare and behaviour making Angela an indispensable member of the Restart Dogs team.

Sarah Turner 

Sarah has been a part time part of the team since Restart Dogs' inception, helping with the business development side of the organisation. Sarah's feels very passionate about the difference the programmes make to the learners' personal rehabilitation, since soft skills development and assessment is the forte in her business - TTI Success Insights UK, where she is the Managing Director.


Sarah is a Trustee of a dog rescue Charity and has fostered hundreds of dogs, as well as owning five dogs herself. Dog training and behaviour is one of her keen interests, as well as development of both animals and people.

Nick Hine

Nick graduated from University with a BA (Hons) degree in Criminology. Since then he has enjoyed nearly twenty years working within the custodial environment. During this time Nick worked on a Therapeutic Community exploring anti-social behaviours, addictions and criminal behaviours with the aim of reducing risk and re-offending.


Other qualifications Nick has achieved include  a Level 5 Diploma in Learning & Development and a Level 3 Award in Education and Training.

Nicks journey with Restart began in 2021 when he fostered Rosa, one of the puppies on the project. Since then Nick has been actively involved with Restart helping with foster care for the puppies on the project and with puppy recruitment.

Outside of work Nick has a history of owning, training, and breeding show line full pedigree Labradors, three of which joined the project as puppies. In his spare time Nick also runs his own puppy and dog training classes.

Eve Welton

Eve has been with Restart Dogs since the end of 2023. Eve has a dog training business which actually appeared on national news for the work she does specialising in blind and/or visually impaired dogs. Eve also hosts some really fun local classes and offers 1-2-1 training both in person and online for all dogs.


Eve has studied with the IMDT, Dog Training College and is currently loving the School of Canine Science courses. Also Eve is an instructor for The Grisha Stewart Academy and UK Sniffer Dogs.


Eve has three dogs of her own - a Pomeranian who is blind, a Bosnian rescue dog who is blind and a Jack Russell who is a terror. Eve is thrilled to be on board with Restart Dogs and be a part of all the amazing work we do both for the dogs and the people whose lives we help change.  

Vikki Meakins

For two decades, Vikki has led behaviour modification classes, assisting dog owners with behavioural challenges, with a focus on reactivity. Since 2010, she has passionately delved into the realm of assistance dogs, acquiring extensive knowledge, and mastering the intricacies of effective training to create transformative results in ‘life changing’ dogs.

In 2020, Vikki enhanced her dog training expertise by earning a formal Canine Behaviour and Training Degree from Bishop Burton. This course demanded an in-depth grasp of learning theories, social dynamics, canine growth, and genetic attributes. Her practical skills earned her exemplary and outstanding first-class honours, she was also awarded the Best Student Award in 2021. Vikki remains committed to furthering her education and professional growth.

Additionally, Vikki proudly participates in the Pets As Therapy program, where her dog Jet visits educational institutions to foster a passion for reading among children.

Sarah Roper

Sarah Roper, known as the Multi Dog Maven, is an accredited dog trainer. Raised in South Yorkshire, she grew up with rescue dogs and developed a passion for canine behaviour. At the age of twelve, she delved into dog training books, inspired by a new family addition.


Now with seventeen years of professional experience Sarah is accredited by the Kennel Club, ABTC, TCBTS, and QIDTI. She's also authored three books on dog ownership and is a writer for Edition dog magazine. 


With sixteen dogs to her name, she's excelled in various dog sports and is a familiar presence at Crufts.


Known for her reward-based methods, Sarah is also just as passionate about people and has completed courses in emotional education, having a deep interest in rehabilitation.

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