The aims of Restart Dogs are:

  • To provide prisons with on-site kennel facilities to enable offenders to train, care for and rehabilitate dogs.

  • To advance the skills and knowledge of offenders in science-based training techniques/skills, dog behaviour and ethology.

  • To provide skilled and experienced dog trainers to coach and mentor the students in preparation for professions in dog training and welfare.

  • To remove barriers between the dog industry and offenders.

  • To promote responsible animal welfare and effective animal behaviour change without violence and confrontation, promoting increased empathy, responsiblility and respect.

  • Through attachment and interaction with the dogs, gain insights into identifying their own behaviour and the skills to change.

By forging relationships with local
Animal Rescue charities, such as the
founding Charity - Moorlands Dog
Rescue, we link up to offer
placements for rescue dogs that
require training and rehabilitation to
become successful family dogs, whilst
offering groups the opportunity to
become well trained professionals
within the industry. 

Developing skills in behaviour

change, the young people gain a valuable insight into their own behaviour. Understanding the  emotional capacity of the dogs and how this affects their behaviour offers a greater insight into how they manage their own feelings of frustration and self-control.


The programme has so far gained lots of praise including from the Prison Inspectorate:


"The introduction of a dog training course created an innovative route into learning for some children who would otherwise be reluctant to participate. Learning support was well managed and effective". 

The positive feedback has not

just been received by the Prison

Inspectorate, but also from the

young people themselves. Some

examples of this feedback are 


"This course has helped me to 

become a better problem solver

and to understand how my 

behaviour affects others".

"Since I have been on this course, I am better at self-management, more patient and have improved in solving problems. Before this course I had refused education".

"One of my proudest moments was when I handed my dog over to her new home"

The fabulous feedback we have received so far, has meant that we will soon be contacting other prisons who would benefit from our programmes. For further information on the project, read our 'About Us' Page by following this link. 

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