Weekend fosters are an instrumental part of the rehabilitation team as they provide feedback in the dog’s diaries on the behaviours that they have experienced and seen in the home.


Fosters will be required to go through training prior to fostering any of the Restart Dog Project dogs, to ensure that they have low stress handling skills, understand trigger stacking and are able to continue with the training that the young people have started with the dogs.

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Chase, taken to the vets to be put to sleep before moving to Moorlands Dog Rescue in 2017.

Fosters will have the same dog every weekday evening and weekend for a period of approximately 12 weeks, or until the dog is ready to be re-homed. This would be especially interesting to somebody/a family who would like to look after a dog, but work full time and are not able to commit the time required for a dog during the week. If you would like to apply to foster a dog for Restart Dogs, please fill in the application form below. 

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