How do you choose the dogs? Where do they come from?

The dogs selected for the programme will be taken from high risk situations where they are extremely vulnerable and/or at risk of being euthanised. They will be assessed firstly to ascertain that they are not human or dog reactive and would be confident and thrive in a kennel environment – most of them will have been in a kennel environment at the pound previous to being selected for the project.

How long does the process take?

The dogs will only be part of the project for as long as it takes before they can become successfully adopted. For some dogs, this will take only a short amount of time and for others, it will be a longer process. When a dog is ready, participating on this programme will not hold he/she back from finding her forever family.

Will the dogs be scared in the kennels? What happens if a dog doesn’t like it?

Welfare will be at the forefront of everybody’s minds during this project. Some dogs will not cope well in a kennel environment, and these dogs will be taken from the project and put into one of our full time foster homes. We know that dogs learn when they are under threshold, comfortable and happy, so welfare aside, there would be no point in a dog participating in the programme who was not comfortable in the kennel environment. Daily reviews of welfare will be conducted by the rehabilitation team, and a fortnightly external review done by an animal professional who is not connected to the project in any way.

How can I help, or get involved?

You can help the project, by:


  • Applying to be a weekend foster (See the Weekend Foster Page)

  • Adopting one of the Restart Dog project dogs (See the Adoption Page)

  • Helping us to fundraise for the project (See Fundraising Page)

  • Sharing social media posts and raising awareness for the project throughout many different mediums. Please contact Moorlands Dog Rescue via their website: www.MoorlandsDogRescue.com to contact them about further ways to help.

Are tax payers paying for this?

This is part of the youth’s education curriculum, however tax payers money is not going towards the upkeep, health and welfare of the dogs. That cost is entirely Moorlands Dog Rescue’s responsibility.