The below dogs are all currently participating in the Restart Dog Project:


Lola was one of the first dogs to join the programme. She is a young mastiff cross with LOTS of energy and a real zest for life. Lola absolutely loves people and is very enthusiastic in her greetings, resulting in people often getting flattened. The young people are working with Lola on calm greetings and on her settling skills which will prove to be vital in her future home. Lola also suffered from intense seperation anxiety, so the young people and her foster home have worked very hard at helping her with this, following a separation anxiety programme carefully. Lola will soon be ready to be adopted by her future family.


Holly is an energetic spaniel who absolutely loves the training with the young people. She has been working on settling behaviours in the home, as well as working on her recall. She has been developing her scentwork skills, which she particularly enjoys. She has learnt how to passively indicate on an item. Passive indication is when the dog performs a behaviour to indicate that they have found what they were looking for while leaving the article unimpaired. Holly's indication is to point her nose towards the item. When she is ready, Holly will be looking for an active home who can continue with the foundation training that the young people have started.


Bella is the most recent addition to the programme. She is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross and was a very scared girl when she came to us in rescue. She is currently getting used to the programme environment, learning that it is a safe place, whilst simultaneously building a secure bond with her young trainer. Once she feels secure and safe, she will start working on her skills.

The below dogs are all graduates of the Restart Dog Programme:


Darcy graduated from the Restart Dog Project in January 2020 and went on to her forever home, putting into practice all of the new skills she had learnt from her handler. A full hand over took place and Darcy continues to thrive and learn. Darcy's adopters sent a letter of thanks to her handler which you can read below:

"Over December 2019 we lost both of our dogs. We were heartbroken and it’s fair to say I felt like I’d lost my identity a bit without dogs in the house. As much as we missed our dogs, we decided to wait a while before looking for another rescue. However life rarely pays attention to your plans and only a few days later we saw Darcy. I feel like whenever we’ve found our previous rescues there’s something about them that makes me feel like they’re our dog. Darcy was no different!!! And so she joined our family.

She’s settling in so well!! It’s hard to believe it’s only been a few weeks and she’s transformed our home in a wonderfully happy, muddy, untidy place again - I love it! She’s helping to mend broken hearts with her cheeky way and makes me laugh every day. She’s just met my mum and dad and the wider family and it’s fair to say everyone is smitten with her - how could they not be. And then of course there’s our three cats, the meowfia, Darcy is brilliant with them and keeps trying to make friends with them. The cats are having none of it unfortunately, they’re not known as the meowfia for nothing... however, as is Darcy’s way, she continues to try!

I love training and working dogs and when I took Darcy out it was immediately obvious she’d already been trained to a very high standard. Everything I asked of her she did - I was amazed. She’s started weekly training classes and all the instructors have commented on how smart and well trained she is. I always explain that I can’t take any credit for it and that she was part of a training programme with young offenders and haven’t they done a brilliant job.

In a few months we’re hoping to start a Pettrailer & Mantrailer instructors course. I’ve wanted to do this for a while and Darcy will make a perfect partner as we start our career tracking lost pets and people as well as teaching others how to do it. We can only do this so soon due to how well trained Darcy is. Thank you!!

Darcy will also work with me at home as we build a business around helping reactive and sensitive dogs by providing places for them to stay, space to exercise and help with rehabilitation. She’s got a busy life ahead of her but at the end of the day (and regularly throughout it) there’s plenty time for cuddles and walks around the woods. She really is a wonderful companion.

I can’t thank you enough *NAME WITHHELD FOR SECURITY REASONS*  for all the work and effort you put in with Darcy, she really is a credit to you and I hope you continue to help other dogs."



Guinness graduated from the Restart Dog Programme where he worked on some of his key dog kills that he could put to good use in his forever home in the future. Guinness is now living full time in his foster home, ready for his forever home to come along. 

A huge "Thank You" to local dog photographer PHODOGRAPHY By Will for supplying the photographs for our website.