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When the dog is ready, the usual Moorlands Dog Rescue adoption process will apply. MDR will create a homing post which will give lots of information about the kind of home that would be suitable for the dog. If a member of the public thinks that the dog looks to be a good match for them and their family, then they will be invited to fill in one of the adoption web forms giving more information about their home.


Members of the Moorlands Dog Rescue team will then review the form and get back to the home via the contact information detailed on the form. MDR will organise a “Home Check” whereby the home, their family routines and the boundaries of their house are all considered. This will be the opportunity to ask any questions that the potential adopters may have.

If this home check is successful, then the potential adopters will be invited to meet the dog so that they can ascertain whether they would like to permanently adopt the dog. This will be done during the dog’s stay at their weekend foster home. The potential home can interact with the dog, take them for a walk (if appropriate) and if they have other dogs, bring them with them to be introduced to the dog in a controlled manner.





Sam, due to be killed in a council pound before moving to Moorlands Dog Rescue in 2018.

One of the biggest advantages of adopting a dog that has participated in the Restart Dog Project, is the amount of information that will be provided about the dog’s likes/dislikes, the training that they have undertaken and the handler’s experiences in the way that the dog has learnt. A handover document will give information about the dog’s skills and cue words learnt.

If the applicant is successful, and decides that they would like to adopt the dog, then the dog will be moved from HMYOI Werrington to their new home on an arranged date. Along with the dog will go their personal plan, health records and any additional information that their new family will need to ensure a successful future for the dog.

As with all of the Moorlands Dog Rescue dogs, the Restart Dog Project dogs will have rescue back up for life with Moorlands Dog Rescue, meaning that should it not work out in their adoptive home, the dog will have a place with Moorlands Dog Rescue and one of their experienced and committed foster homes.

It would be ideal if the adopters would commit to sending updates with photos of the dogs that the boys handled during this project to them, as this could be essential to the future success of the programme and the way that it impacts the boys self-esteem moving forward.

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